Waterproof iphone 7

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Apple’s new iPhone goes on sale- so how waterproof is it really? Apple’s hot new iPhone and iPhone Plus have officially been release which means millions of eager Apple fans are going to get their . If you own an iPhone you won’t have to worry next time someone spills water on it at the dinner table.

Apple’s newest iPhone is the first ever . The new rumors suggest that the iPhone will be waterproof. Today when the competitors like Sony, Samsung and other rivals already have their flagship. Apple launched the iPhone on Wednesday, the first of its waterproof devices, which joins a collection of similar water resistant smartphones . How does the iPhone 7’s water resistance hold up against various household liquids? Subject to availability, the world is getting their hands on their brand new iPhone and iPhone Plus units today.

The iPhone is officially water-resistant, but make sure to note that it’s not water PROOF.

That means you shouldn’t take it into a pool or other . Apple really doesn’t want you to push the limits on the iPhone 7’s . First off, note that Apple calls the iPhone water-resistant, not waterproof. Phone is water-resistant, not waterproof. Despite what you might have rea the iPhone is not waterproof. Start exploring with WaterProof Apple iPhone cases.

Push past the point of hesitation with WaterProof, DropProof Apple iPhone Plus cases.

Take your iPhone anywhere with the WaterProof FRĒ case available at LifeProof. Apple has finally made a waterproof iPhone. The IPrated iPhone should survive a full submersion – there’s only one way to find for sure. Then make sure to take one of these best waterproof iPhone case with you that protects your iPhone from water damage. Wondering what will happen if you drop your new phone in the toilet or splash it pool-side?

The iPhone and Plus are more water resistant than any iPhones before them. But if you’re a rugged adventurer or parent of young children, .