Trash pack serie 1

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Find great deals on for Trash Pack Series in Miscellaneous Toy Monsters. The Trash Pack series trash can opening and review. Each can contains Trashies and cost £2. This is a video about my awesome collection of The Trash Pack series and also in this video I show my. My sister and I unboxing some trashies series pack! The grossest guys who live in your garbage!

Select range; Gross Ghosts; Gross Zombies; Trading Cards; Trash Pack; Trash Wheels; UFT.

Select range, Gross Ghosts, Gross Zombies, Trading . BIO: This Trashie is one very sneaky worm, he can hide anywhere for weeks completely unnoticed…well except for the shockingly strong scent which seems to . Series is the first series of the trash pack It was released around September of 20in the.