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Test video shot on a Nikon d8and a nikon 105mm lens. Du ansluter din Raynox snap-on genom att klämma fast den fram i objektivets filtergänga, och den passar till alla objektiv med en fillter diameter på till 67 . The P9is disappointing in macro mode because it is not macro at the tele end.

I was wondering, would the Raynox M-2closeup lens cure . All photo accessories for digital cameras. Raynox DCR-2Macro Conversion lens for Nikon D5100. Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Minolta, Olympus. What’s so great about the Raynox DCR-2is that you can easily clip it to most.

Raynox DCR-2with these cameras: Canon T2i, Nikon D3100. I just wanted to share a little bit of info and a few photos of the Raynox DCR-2with the Nikon D3100… The DCR-2is a very affordable macro lens that can .

The Raynox DCR-2is a high quality macro lens which can clip onto the front of the P9lens in the same way as the P900’s lens cap. I’m also not very happy with the P5macro capabilities and I read someone recommending the Raynox DCR-1or 2lens. Raynox DCR-2Super Macro Snap-On Lens : Camera Lenses. About Raynox DCR 2Limited at per day for adding photos, but don’t put in at once please and thank you.

The limit for this group doesn’t ever change as . Should I go for raynox DCR 2with my tamron 90mm macro lens? Nikon Vseries and the DCR2replies.

Super Macro Lens Review Raynox Lenses, Camcorders. I’ve been using this with various lenses on my Nikon D80. Since the DCR-2magnifies more the longer the focal length of the lens it is attached to, I only used the Nikon 55-200mm for these . The Raynox DCR-2is a great way to start out in extreme macro. Nikon 10x objective with minimal separation between these . Hello people, I am planning to buy Raynox-2for close up photography. As for using the DCR2it will give you more magnification on longer . Vi hjälper dig att hitta rätt raynox dcr 2Kameratillbehör och göra ett billigt tryggt köp – Vårt köpskydd ger dig pengar tillbaka om något går fel.

Vilken Raynoxprodukt ger bäst bildkvalité? I was thinking of maybe adding a Raynox DCR-2as I’ve been quite impressed with some of the that I’ve seen.