Arctic silver fly rod

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For the first time in fly fishing history, a new brand and rod concept has been born, a result of a successful Crowd Funding Campaign. The internationally patented concept has led to a series of fly rods with an array of benefits in terms of precision, balance, delicacy and power potential. Arctic Silver is a young Norwegian company starting into fishing tackle with single-handed rods.

Look at the grips and clearly Arctic Silver plan . ArticSilver is a recent brand committed to creating innovative and iconic fly fishing products. Their latest line of rods features the unique Free-Flex system, which . Free-Flex fly rods – invented for your magic moments! In this video, we introduce the unique Free-Flex system. However I am conservative when it comes to fly fishing gear. He is the big brain behind the new rod brand ArcticSilver and the Free-Flex .

Putting a good bend into the rod is always a great pleasure. The most significant advancement to fly rod design since its original invention.