Lifting equipment

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Lifting Gear UK are specialist suppliers of lifting equipment handling equipment for construction industry. Available for hire throughout the UK, hire online . Lifting_equipmentCachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanLifting equipment, also known as lifting gear, is a general term for any equipment that can be used to lift loads.

This includes jacks, block and tackle, vacuum lifts, . What lifting equipment falls within the scope of LOLER and so requires periodic thorough examination? Enable your lifting equipment to reach farther and higher with high-strength steel from SSAB. We are experts in lifting equipment and have years of experience in solving various lifting problems, both standard and custom designed. Buyers Guide: Search for products and information related to Lifting Equipment – Displaying Products.

Skivstång med vikter att mäta sina krafter mot kompisarna med. Smart konstruktion där vikten ökar ju högre stången lyfts.

Lifting and handling of various loads of various weights.