Swedish tanks

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Swedish tanks were built with Scandinavian precision. They were expensive, high-quality, and produced in. Swedish Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the Cold War and modern times, APCs, Main Battle Tanks and other vehicles of the Armén.

Listing of all Swedish combat tank vehicles deployed during World War with history text, performance specifications and photograph images. Its a mediocre tank, also swedish tanks? Post-WWII the armies of middle-eastern countries have seen the bulk of tank-on-tank warfare. Hello everyone, Here’s a nice image of the complete Swedish Tech Tree and pictures of several Swedish tanks. Swedish Viking is the biggest Swedish clan in World Of Tanks!

This blog documents my adventures in digging through various Swedish government archives looking for various documents regarding indigenous armored . How did Sweden, which did not fight in 20th Century conflicts, build a legacy of tank development?

Find out how famous Swedish vehicles such . Swedish light tanks are generally slower than other nations, but tend to get bigger guns. They could also get better mobility to make up for their . No weapons to Iraq – that was the message from many Swedish politicians in the summer of 2014. The risk of them ending up in the wrong hands were to great;. Author: spThe 2nd Swedish tank to hit supertest was just reveale and it turns out that its the Landsverk L-60. As you might know I have covered this tank in .

Hemsidan för fun klanen i World of Tanks Swedish Vikings. This page was last modified on October . This category contains only the following page. The hub for Swedes on reddit and our community here! The Swedish Tank Museum – a museum filled with vehicles, both wheeled and tracke from the early 1900’s to modern machines from the present day.