Swedish army tanks

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This is a list of weapons used by the Swedish Army. Stridsvagn L-light tank (Strv L-60) in versions: – 1total. Sweden played a role of major importance during the Cold War, despite not officially.

The Swedish army during the Cold War possessed more or less 20ground vehicles, including 3tanks, 2armored fighting vehicles, and up to . Sweden was formally a non-belligerent nation throughout World War II, but saw considerable. In 194 the number of tanks serving the Swedish army had increased from to more than 800. Listing of all Tanks, Armored Vehicles, and Artillery throughout the Military. Thumbnail picture of the Stridsvagn 1(Strv 103) (S-Tank).

Army soldiers will be getting guns that are bigger, better, stronger, and faster. It was recently announced that soldiers currently serving in .

Swedish Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the Cold War and modern. The Swedish military was therefore more cautious to elaborate on scenarios of a . A great idea for the Swedish military and all NATO German made Leopard Main Battle Tanks this new .