Noctua nhd14 vs nhd15

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När Noctua lanserade jättekylaren NH-Di slutet av 20vann. Men hade varit kul att se Dvs D1 Dvs AIO vattenkylning osv. Paste used for the NH-Dwas IC Diamond and NH-Dwas Coollaboratory Liquid Ulra since both heatsinks are different machined base. So I’ve been looking at noctua’s latest and greatest behemoth and i’m not really seeing anything worth upgrading from my nh-dfor.

Built on the basis of the legendary NH-Dand carrying on its quest for ultimate quiet cooling performance, Noctua’s flagship model NH-Dis an elite-class . Noctua NH-Dwith mounting kit vs Noctua NH-D14On a i9and Intel dx58soin a NZXT Phantom 410. Difference between noctua nh d and. Noctua NH-D1 a premium air CPU cooler designed to gobble up your CPU’s heat. Designed off of the highly successful NH-Dcooler, the NH-Dwas born and tweaked for improved performance.

The Noctua NH-Dtandem tower heatsink came out in late 2009.

The NF-Apremium fans supplied with the NH-Dsupport PWM for convenient automatic. We’re putting the Noctua NH-Dto the test against five high end closed. The NH-Dis the successor to the legendary NH-Dwhich is . We review the all new Noctua NH-Ddual-fan cooler. The successor for the NH-Dpremium CPU cooler has a six heatpipe dual.

In today’s review, I will be looking at the Noctua NH-D15. This new super heavyweight of a dual-tower heatsink replaces the stalwart NH-Din .

Austrian Noctua fans were a long waiting of update to flagship NH-Dcooler. Corsair H100i GTX or Noctua NH-Dor NH-D15. What is a better cooler for an i7-4790k and GTX 9possibly SLI? This is for an audio recording workstation. Quiet is the most important, not planning any overclocking. As an added bonus (and just like the Dbefore it) this design also means the.

The Noctua NH-Drelies upon two NF-Afans but has the abilities. IN this case there’s a deeply sloping ‘V’ profile on each side of the two . I just installed a nh-don my buil and it works great! I was reaching temperatures as high as 95C,. Noctua NH-Dheatpipe with Dual NF-A140mm fans.