Mouse cable holder

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Razer mouse bungee cord controller features anti-slip feet for heavy-duty stability, drag-free cord control space saving accessory. The sleek Razer Mouse Bungee threads your mouse’s cord through its taut spring.

MECO(TM) Mouse Bungee Mouse Cord Management Fixer Holder (Black). Description: Long winding wires often end up in tangles and add a risk factor in the heat of gameplay, This item can addressed this problem easily The wire clip . I can’t even reliably play a game because my mouse cord always hangs or drags. Razer Mouse Bungee – Cable Management System. Buy Mouse Cable Holder from Reliable China Mouse Cable Holder suppliers.

Find Quality Mouse Cable Holder Consumer Electronics,Cable Winder,Computer . Cable holder for desk organization If your mouse cable is easily get caught in between other things on top of your desk, this cable holder lifts the cable off t. The wire clip part can be adjusted to meet the specific requirement of angle.