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Classifieds – Medium Military Vehicles For Sale. The Dodge WC series was a range of light military trucks produced by Dodge during World War II. Used military vehicles for sale ex NATO military forces.

Military trucks: offers, used military vehicle and other machinery sales advertisements. Search 4for used military trucks. Find Magirus, For Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Kaiser, Volvo, Iveco, Bobcat, Freightliner for sale on . The Hägglund BV 2is the most versatile Recreational or Rescue Vehicle on the planet. It will conquer any expedition, terrain, water or obstacle you’ll find. SWISS ARMY VEHICLES – the place to buy Pinzgauer, Haflinger, Unimog and other Swiss Army vehicles, parts and surplus.

Military vehicles for civilian purchase (photos prices).

HAGGLUNDS BV2#11-12— This Swedish military tractor is the Saab of tanks: . Current military vehicles for sale: Ural 37 . JACKSON AND CO LTD Used military vehicles for sale. We have storage and sales facilities in the U. Does anyone know of any Army surplus stores in the Stockholm area? I want to buy some decent outdoor gear and the Army stuff is always the . Listing of all 4-wheeled military vehicles of the world from origin to present day with history text, performance specifications and photograph images.

That is according to the person at FMV who was in charge of the sale. Hoppa till Utility vehicles – Vehicle, Origin, Type, Versions, In service, Notes. By the internet ther are different ways to buy a Volvo C303. Information on modern military trucks and other army vehicles, including light utility vehicles, cargo trucks, tank transporters, tracked carriers and amphibians. In August 196 the Security Council had recommended the member states to cease the sale and shipment of arms, ammunition and military vehicles to South .