Liquid nitrogen ice cream

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No cranking… no ice and rock salt mixtures… and you can forget about those electric ice cream makers. All you need is a little liquid nitrogen (-320°F), some . Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal use liquid nitrogen to make gourmet ice cream; Nitrogen cools the mixture down quickly for a smoother .

When it comes to ice cream, there are two big advantages to using liquid nitrogen over an electric machine or an old-timey hand-cranked job. There’s no ice cream here—that is, until we make it right in front of you. Once you order, we pull the lever and the delicious science of liquid nitrogen does its . Make liquid nitrogen ice cream as a cool cryogenics or phase change demonstration or for a quick and tasty treat. Making liquid nitrogen ice cream is easier than you think!

We decided to make it at the Instructables Ice Cream Social and its smooth and creamy texture is totally . This liquid nitrogen ice cream recipe is a bit of a departure for me – as anyone who reads this site regularly will recognize.

So why is liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream so good?