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In taking the EXPEDIT out of rotation, IKEA unveiled the KALLAX, a substitute of similar proportions that has since become the product of choice . IKEA Kallax (FKA Expedit) may be omnipotent but it is not your only god. Here are twelve alternatives that prove record storage is a polytheistic .

These steps will help assist you in building an IKEA Kallax (or Expedit) and make it bomb proof for vinyl records. There’s a photo I saw of a 5xExpedit that . Record Album Storage Options for Vinyl Collectors. The KALLAX (from $35) is the replacement to popular EXPEDIT series shelving system from Swedish . Ikea reports that the internal dimensions of the system are exactly the same as Expedit—so Kallax will still fit your vinyl . KALLAX – en ny klassiker till skivsamlingen. Vi har alltid gillat hyllan EXPEDIT och vi tyckte att var dags att den fick lite extra omsorg.

Can the 2xKallax hold decent audio equipment on top (like the receiver), while filled with records? I am picking up one of the big kallax shelves today and was wondering if anyone uses them and about how many albums they store per square. So the new Ikea catalog arrived in the mail today. After the Expedit was discontinue Ikea came with a new cabinet named Kallax. That sai I have over 30vinyl LP’s, and I would never have dreamed of.

Looks good and build quality is as good as the Expedit. We got the white one so Im not sure how the other .

With options that can go on the floor, the wall or even on castors, the KALLAX storage furniture series has a lot to offer you. IKEA – KALLAX, Shelf unit, birch effect, , A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs . I’m thinking about getting a kallax to store my records. Posts specifically intending to buy, sell, or trade vinyl or stereo equipment are not . Hoppa till Expedit and Kallax can be used for things other than vinyl records – Depending on the Kallax’s reception,. Ikea is specifically pitching these Kallax as vinyl record storage shelves, and championing them as a replacement for the defunct Expedit. But will Kallax become a equal successor?

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