Hydraulisk press channel

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Wanna see stuff getting crushed by hydraulic press? New videos and new stuff to crush every week.

On his Hydraulic Press Channel on , Lauri Vuohensilta crushes objects to smithereens, among them a bowling pin, a hockey puck . A hydraulic press is a device (see machine press) using a hydraulic cylinder to generate a. In 201 the Hydraulic Press Channel, a channel solely dedicated to crushing objects with a hydraulic press, was created and quickly rose . En av de större succékanalerna på just nu är Hydraulic Press Channel. På denna kanal kan man med jämna mellanrum se när en .

Nyligen träffades Lauri från Hydraulic Press Channel och Erik från Swedish Dynamite för att skapa en video tillsammans. Vi ringer till Lauri Vuohensilta och pratar om hans kanal Hydraulic Press Channel. Effie Karabuda som är spelredaktör på Aftonbladet . Why This Piece Of Paper ‘Exploded’ In A Hydraulic Press. One channel that crushes things with hydraulic presses (awesomely) . videos and GIFs from the Hydraulic Press Channel channel have been exploding on Reddit, sharing the sweet beauty of . Hydraulic Press Channel on is exactly what it sounds like. One wonderful man with access to a wonderful hydraulic press has taken it . Have you ever wondered what happens when you crush the objects with the hydraulic press?

This is the best application to watch Hydraulic Press videos from . The Hydraulic Press channel his crushed lots of other items over the last few months, including a golf ball, a camera and a Barbie doll: . Det enkla konceptet har på bara ett halvår lockat miljonpublik och Lauri har blivit omskriven världen över för sin kanal Hydraulic Press Channel.