Arctic silver fly line

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ArcticSilver’s new MD (Micro-Diameter) fly lines feature an extremely low diameter giving the lines excellent wind-cutting properties. The internationally patented concept has led to a series of fly rods with an. The elliptical formed handle helps us swing the hammer in a straight line and hit the .

Ska se om jag kan få tag på en WF5F så återkommer jag med kommentarer. For the first time in fly fishing history, a new brand and rod concept has been born, a result of a successful Crowd Funding Campaign. In October 20ArcticSilver (ASI) launched their new Micro-Diameter (MD) fly lines. This chunky fella hit the fly like there was no tomorrow!

Arctic Silver MD-Line är med sin extremt tunna diameter (MD-Micro Diameter) extremt lättkastad och ger ett extremt skjut! Linorna flyger stabilt vilket ger grymma . Described as a ‘game changer’ in reviews, ArcticSilver’s new MD (Micro-Diameter) fly lines have been designed by the Norwegian company’s . He is the big brain behind the new rod brand ArcticSilver and the. I struggled getting control of the line and presenting the fly precise. Arctic Silver is a young Norwegian company starting into fishing tackle with . This rod casts a short line very well, it loads easily, then get to that middle distance . ArcticSilver (ASI) is a new brand committed to creating innovative and iconic fly. I achieve higher line speeds, but use less energy than with my other fly rods.

ArticSilver is a recent brand committed to creating innovative and iconic fly fishing products.

Their latest line of rods features the unique Free-Flex system, which . Free-Flex fly rods – invented for your magic moments! In this video, we introduce the unique Free-Flex system. Test av # line på ASI stang, linene i flyt er a 0. I’ve tried a variety of fly lines from full floaters to sinking shooting heads whilst sea trout fishing along the coast. Is the Arctic Silver Innovation ‘Micro Diameter’ line the same line?

Line Test af ArcticSilver Micro Diameter #Intermediate. ASI MD liner kommer i en lækker æske som ikke kun .