Andersen winch manual

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Product manuals for ANDERSEN Winches, Bailers, Capstans and Line Tenders. The ANDERSEN Product Manuals have been produced so you can familiarise yourself with your ANDERSEN product and to assist with technical queries. Converting from a manually operated to a motor-driven winch is made easy by ANDERSEN Conversion Kits. Installing the winch is easy, if you follow these instructions.

The numbers in ( ) refer to the position numbers in the parts list. It provides guidance on manual and powered winches and different rig and boat types. For additional assistance with selection, product information, options, . The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Sailboat. ANDERSEN winch drums have vertical ribs.

Hydraulic or electric — or manual for starters, and then growing with the . We strongly recommend always using ANDERSEN WINCH GREASE, when lubricating your winch. Remove self-tailing arm (3) and drum (5).